Eastside Projects

Eastside Projects

Eastside Projects is an artist-run space, a public gallery for the City of Birmingham and the World.

We are an artist-run multiverse, commissioning, producing and presenting experimental art practices and demonstrating ways in which art may be useful as part of society.

Eastside Projects provides vital infrastructure, supports best practice and works to expand the role of the artist-run space. Alongside imagining, testing and modeling a free public gallery, we are increasingly engaged in an expanded range of public activities – we devise public art strategies, serve as commissioning agents, produce national public art programmes and create structures to support artists locally, nationally and internationally. We do not make art for the public, we are the public that makes art.
86 Heath Mill Lane
West Midlands
B9 4AR
0121 771 1778
N:52.47652° - W:1.88205°


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