Grayson Perry argues Donald Trump and Brexit are 'fantastic' for the arts

Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry has told an audience at a Creative Industries Federation event at Central Saint Martinsgues that they are preaching to the converted and that Donald Trump and Brexit are 'fantastic' for the arts.

He said:

“I look out at this sea of black-clad media types and just think ‘You failed in your opposition of the popular Right-wing vote’ and this is a dose of smelling salts to us all. And I breathe deeply from it."

“They’re fed up of being told how to think and to feel by us lot in our lovely Islington houses doing our media thing, going to our nice parties with free booze."

“They might be cutting their nose off to spite their face both in America and over here — but as an artist I’m loving it.”

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