Voga (yoga + vogueing)

To say it’s a growing trend might be just a stretch, but this new Voga thing clearly has its appeal: Yoga+Voguing? Because, why not? Those two words just work so well together. And all that posing. Please, you know Madonna is retroactively kicking herself in the cone-shaped boob for not making it a thing herself.

What, or perhaps a better word, how is this Voga?

We assume most of you know what yoga is. That’s the first part. Voguing (or vogueing, depending on what side of the pond you’re writing from) is a highly stylized and expressive dance form originating in the drag pageantry battles of the 80s and inspired by Egyptian art, which was then adapted to the club scene combining fashion, music and hot moves on the dancefloor. Madonna adopted it in the 90s and the rest is history.


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The House of Voga in action


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