New Ayahuasca Shamanism Retreat Centre Project near Iquitos (Peru): Would you like to get involved??

El Mundo Magico in Peru are actively looking for new partners and investors willing to contribute – mind, body and spirit – to the creation of a new shamanic and Ayahuasca retreat centre in the Amazon jungle of Peru, near Iquitos. They offer their know-how, local knowledge, marketing, passion, skills and 89+ acres of beautiful, pristine rainforest, full of medicinal plants and teacher trees, where the future centre will be created (alongside an ethnobotanical garden).

Perspective applicants must have knowledge of Amazonian shamanism and Ayahuasca – much better if experienced at senior level, *must be fluent in Spanish and English*, willing to travel to Peru and live there most (or part) of the year. Marketing skills desired as well as great enthusiasm and passion for plants, shamanism, Ayahuasca and the rainforest. Initial financial input required. Must be able to operate unsupervised, efficiently liaise with international guests and local shamans, local authorities, notary and solicitor in Iquitos, and manage staff locally.

If working in shamanism is the dream of your life, and you have the profile we need, please email El Mundo Magico the following:

  • a recent picture of yourself, with your full name and address;
  • a list of your skills and experiences and what do you do;
  • the amount you are prepared to invest in USD, to co-own the future shamanic retreat centre.

Also specifying:

  • in what way you may specifically contribute and
  • why you believe you would be the right person

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Don Antonio and Doña Hortensia preparing ayawaska
© Heberto H. Garcia Ramirez


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