'Step into the Void' on Mont Blanc

The “Pas dans le Vide” is a glass box jutting out above a 1000m sheer drop at an altitude of 3,842m on the Aiguille de Midi that gives a close-up view of Europe’s highest mountain.

The glass box is made of five sides of 3.6cm thick glass that is capable of withstanding temperatures from -40C to +20C and can take a weight of 1500kg – and withstand the raging winds that can reach well over 100mph. All users must take their shoes off and wear special anti-scratch slippers to protect the glass – and the illusion of floating in the air. No cameras are allowed for the same reason.

Chamonix Tourist Office press officer Cécile Gruffat, who was one of the first to test the see-through floor of the glass cage, said: “It was amazing. It is completely transparent. You really think you are completely out in the open with nothing below you.

“I was really very surprised as I have vertigo but had no fear when I stepped out on to the glass.”

This video is in French:


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