Discovery Learning launch Yoga and Pilates diploma courses

Discovery Learning, a fitness training provider based in the UK, have recently launched two new courses to add to their already extensive course offering.

Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga and Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Mat work offers fitness professionals the chance to diversify their offering to clients.

Becoming a Yoga or Pilates instructor means you can work in a variety of places with this qualification. The obvious places and perhaps most popular will be the gyms and health clubs in your area who offer numerous classes each week in their studios. Another alternative is to offer your services to health spas that provide pampering weekends. Given instructors have the correct insurance classes can be delivered from a home setting too.

Yoga is an extremely old art form originating from India comprising spiritual study and enlightenment, bringing about a healthy, calm and happy lifestyle. To become a Yoga instructor you will be taught four main aspects; Asana, Pranayma, Dhyana and Mantra, a combination of movement, breathing, meditation and chanting respectively. You will be taught the underpinning principles of Yoga as well as anatomy and physiology, planning yoga sessions, health and safety and teaching your yoga classes. The Level 3 Yoga instructor course Discovery Learning run is a full time intensive course comprising 7 full time days of study as well as 6 weeks prior home learning to provide you with the necessary knowledge. Students will be assessed via coursework and practical demonstrations. What you can earn as a yoga instructor depends on experience, but usually you will be paid for the time the class takes, around £30 per hour or £10 per person that attends your class. Combining this with being a personal trainer will offer a very lucrative career.

Becoming a Pilates instructor means you will be helping people to improve movement through exercise. Originating from Joseph Pilates, workouts take place on mats and focus on the core and perfecting areas of the body. During Discovery Learnings Pilates course you will study the anatomy and physiology of the body, health and safety and the principles and programming of Pilates mat work. You will be assessed via coursework and practical demonstrations. Working as a Pilates instructor offers numerous avenues and flexibility. A new instructor just starting out could expect about £18,000 per annum whereas an experienced instructor could earn a salary of £35,000 plus.

If you are interested in learning more about either Discovery’s Yoga or Pilates courses please call on 0208 543 1017 or email


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