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John Berger, author and art critic, has died aged 90 John Berger who is best known for his book 'Ways of Seeing' died on the 2nd January aged 90. He was an author, art critic, painter and poet...[ read more ]

The Art of Building 2016 The 15 finalists of this year's Art of Building architectural photography competition have been selected from thousands of entries....[ read more ]

Winning team to light up London's bridges Leo Villareal, the New York artist behind the lighting up of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, has been chosen to illuminate London's bridges....[ read more ]

Inside the new Design Museum The new Design Museum has opened in the Commonwealth Institute building in Holland Park after moving from its original home in Shad Thames....[ read more ]

Grayson Perry argues Donald Trump and Brexit are 'fantastic' for the arts Grayson Perry has told an audience at a Creative Industries Federation event at Central Saint Martinsgues that they are preaching to the co...[ read more ]

New £120,000 artist award announced BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead has announced a major new international artist award worth £120,000....[ read more ]

Trainspotting 2 release date announced The release date for Trainspotting 2 has been announced - January 27, 2017. Starring Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller.....[ read more ]

In pictures: Living off-grid at Tinkers Bubble Photographer Ed Gold has been documenting communities living off-grid for many years, and recently he visited the woodland community at Tink...[ read more ]

Beavers could be declared native animal Beavers could be declared a native British animal for the first time in four centuries, pending the result of a UK Government study....[ read more ]

World's first 'mindfulness opera' launched by Barbican The world's first "mindfulness opera" will feature silence, yoga, communal eating and even washing up when it is launched by the Barbican in...[ read more ]


Andy Parkin, artist and mountaineer
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Vanadium: The metal that may soon be powering your neighbourhood


John Berger on Ways of Seeing, being an artist, and Marxism (2011)
Andy Parkin - A life in Adaptation
Ink Drawing in Melancholy Aqua
Jamie Lee & Stanislav Dobak: “Escape”
Shumpei Nemoto: “AS60”

International News

Winners of the 8th International CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES Competition The winners of the 8th International CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES Competition were announced at the awards ceremony on December 10 in Zurich....[ read more ]

'Lost' Aboriginal art found on government office wall An Aboriginal painting that went missing in 1981 has been found by chance hanging in the office of a tourism official....[ read more ]

Under the skin: 200 years of nudity in art in one afternoon The retrospective of nudity in art contains everything from the prim to the pornographic but two works in particular stand out...[ read more ]

$54 million for the Irish Arts Centre in NY The Irish government has announced an extra $1 million grant for the Irish Arts Center in New York bringing the total raised so far up to...[ read more ]

Scientists Have Found A Traditional Chinese Herbal Remedy Which Helps Burn Off Fat Scientists have discovered a compound found in plants used in Chinese herbal remedies can help burn off excess calories....[ read more ]

Bears, Lynxes, Wild Horses and Wolves Return to Europe It’s early autumn, imagine you’re a 200kg Marsican brown bear, looking for something to eat in the middle of the night in the Apennine mount...[ read more ]

EU trying to ban home grown seeds The EU is trying to control the saving, swapping and sowing of seeds, by introducing the “Regulation on the Marketing of Plant Reproductive...[ read more ]

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