"Ever notice how 'What the hell' is always the right answer?" Marilyn Monroe


Heat a room for a few pence a day Here's a cheap and easy alternative to heating a small room using only tea lights and flower pots. By positioning two flower pots over four...[ read more ]

International Stoic Week International Stoic Week is a project launched in 2012 by philosophy teachers and students at the University of Exeter....[ read more ]

Rewilding Europe: The return of the Aurochs Rewilding projects in Europe are seeking to re-create and re-introduce the Aurochs into new wilderness areas. The Autochs is the ancestor o...[ read more ]

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Beavers could be declared native animal Beavers could be declared a native British animal for the first time in four centuries, pending the result of a UK Government study....[ read more ]

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World's first 'mindfulness opera' launched by Barbican The world's first "mindfulness opera" will feature silence, yoga, communal eating and even washing up when it is launched by the Barbican in...[ read more ]

Yoga may guard against heart disease, study finds Doing yoga may be a good way to protect against heart disease, particularly if you cannot do more vigorous exercise, research suggests....[ read more ]

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