Free Listings

We can help you to promote your arts events, exhibitions, performances, workshops, courses and classes free of charge.

We list a huge range of events from live art performances to visual art exhibitions.

Adding your event
  • Go to Add an Event
  • Check to see you’re your event already exists. (if you haven’t already registered you will be asked to register on the next page).
  • If the event doesn’t already exist, complete the details of your event.
  • For repeating events, you can add more dates on the following page.
  • Add Tags – your events will be listed under each tag listed, so more people will get to see your event. If a Tag you want isn’t listed, let us know and we’ll add it if suitable.
  • Decide how wide an area you want your event to be featured – for example, local weekly classes will only need to be featured in the local area, or weekend workshops can be featured throughout the wider region or the UK.
  • Your event will be published immediately, and you can edit the details whenever you wish.
Editing your event
  • If you want to edit any of the details, click on ‘Edit’ on your event listing, make the amendments you wish, and save the changes.
Your saved events
  • You can access all of your events at any time via My Events from the Home page.
Deleting your event
  • If you wish to delete your event for any reason, click on ‘Edit’ under your event listing, scroll down to the bottom of the first editing page, and click on ‘Delete this event’.